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Project Name: Pysmssend

Current Version: 1.48

Operating System: Linux

Programming Language: Python

Licence: GNU General Public Licence

Code: Git Repository

Bugzilla: Report a Bug!

Development Team: Markos Chandras, Giorgos Kargiotakis, Giorgos Triantafullou, Lazaros Tsolakidis and Artemis Voulkidis

Bugs & Requests


Pysmssend project is a program for sending sms over the internet using your ADSL/VOIP account. The program has both a GUI and a command line interfaces so that it can fulfil any needs.
The currently supported providers are:

Please note that we haven't tested all the providers. File a bug if you encounter a problem.

Also many development has been done to support Gentoo Ebuilds and the 'qt4' use flag. Gentoo users can compile it with the qt4 flag in order to get the shiny Qt4 UI interface.
Pkgbuild is also available on AUR for both the i686 and amd64 architectures.
Packages for Ubuntu/Debian are also available.

We would like to inform you that we would be grateful to support more providers worldwide. In order to do this we will need your help as the Development Team is located in Greece thus we are unable to write code for foreign providers.

We hope you like the program and enjoy it. Please consult the command line help message (pysmssend -h ) or README for more information.
If you want to help, you can open a bug with your patch or pull request. Developers and Beta Testers are always welcomed ;)

Stable Version

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Build for all Linux distributions
Ebuild for Gentoo Linux distribution
Package for Arch Linux distribution
Package for Debian Linux distribution
Package for Ubuntu Linux distribution
Package for Fedora Linux distribution
Package for Mandiva Linux

Git Repository

Clone the new git repository in order to get the latest changes


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Below there are some screenshots of the program in action.

 (Version maybe not be the latest. Screenshot are given as a reference only.)




The Development Team

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